Rene Peoc’h, Chickens, Telekinesis (1986)

Title: The Astonishing Experiment of Rene Peoc’h: Insights into Telekinesis and the Power of Thought

Introduction: In 1986, Rene Peoc’h conducted a groundbreaking experiment that shed light on the phenomenon of telekinesis, the ability to influence objects at a distance using the power of the mind. This extraordinary experiment involved newly hatched chicks and a specially designed robot, offering profound insights into the relationship between consciousness and the physical world.

The Experiment: Peoc’h introduced the newly hatched chicks to his robotic creation, which they immediately bonded with, perceiving it as their parent. The robot, equipped with wheels and a pen underneath to trace its movements, moved randomly across a table covered with a sheet of white paper. What ensued was nothing short of remarkable.

Impact on Movement: As Peoc’h placed the chicks, bonded to the robot, in a cage at one end of the table, their yearning for proximity to their perceived parent influenced the robot’s movements. It moved towards the chicks and remained close to them, demonstrating a profound connection between the chicks’ thoughts and the robot’s actions.

The Power of Thought: Even non-bonded chickens showed a response to the robot’s movements, indicating the measurable energy of thoughts and their influence at a distance. The experiment extended to rabbits, who initially feared the robot but eventually drew near to it, further illustrating the impact of consciousness on the physical world.

Key Insights: Peoc’h’s experiment highlights the existence of a medium through which thoughts can travel – the ether, or ‘the source field.’ This background energy of the universe serves as the conduit for the influence of consciousness on the physical realm, offering profound implications for our understanding of reality.

Conclusion: The experiment of Rene Peoc’h offers compelling evidence of the power of thought and its ability to affect physical reality. By delving into the intricate relationship between consciousness and the external world, Peoc’h’s work opens new avenues for exploration and invites us to reconsider the nature of our reality.


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